Monday September 22, 2014

3D CAD News

Autodesk Announces Fusion 360 Will Be Available on Mac App Store

Fusion 360 will be available for download and purchase from the Mac App Store beginning today.

Autodesk today announces that its Fusion 360 product will be available for download and purchase worldwide on the Mac App Store. Fusion 360 is touted to be the first professional-level 3D CAD and CAM tool currently available on the Mac App Store. For those who aren’t familiar with Fusion 360, it is a cloud-based tool for 3D industrial and mechanical design, collaboration and machining–all in one package. According to Kevin Schneider, director of Fusion Product Management... Read More

Altair Releases HyperWorks 13.0

With a highly automated and streamlined workflow process and high quality CFD technology, Altair’s HyperWorks VWT is able to more accurately and quickly predict an automobile’s aerodynamic performance, including aerodynamic lift, drag, pressure distribution, flow field (flow separation), aero-acoustics and other factors.

Altair announces the release of its HyperWorks 13.0 CAE software platform, which touts many new bells and whistles aimed at increasing the productivity of its users. HyperWorks uses a wide variety of engineering solvers and multiphysics solutions to help engineers quickly predict and optimize the performance of products. The system’s simulation and optimization tools help engineers reduce the weight of products while meeting design goals through the use of effective geometries,... Read More

Stratasys Acquires GrabCAD

GrabCAD co-founder Hardi Meybaum.

Nothing like breaking industry news to get your Tuesday started off with a bang. First thing this morning, news broke that GrabCAD is being acquired by Stratasys Ltd., a global provider of 3D printing and addictive manufacturing systems. Initially perplexed by the acquisition, just one of many in the CAD industry this year, but as more of the pieces fill in the puzzle, it’s making more sense. But first let’s go over the details: Stratasys will acquire GrabCAD for... Read More

Autodesk Gives Sneak Peek of Updates to Fusion 360

The September update to Fusion 360 will include 12 brand new in-product tutorials that will guide you through various form, function, fabricate and manage workflows.

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is a cloud-based industrial and mechanical design tool that users can subscribe to on a monthly basis. Due to its cloud-based infrastructure, Fusion 360 enables design information to be accessed almost anytime and from anywhere on nearly any device, making it ideal for geographically dispersed design teams. Another benefit of the cloud-based platform is that users don’t have to wait months for an update. Autodesk can continually update Fusion... Read More

Autodesk Aims to Tackle Collaboration Challenges with A360

The A360 dashboard gives users a view of recent activity streams for all active projects.

Despite advances in nearly every area of product development technology, effective collaboration still seems to be a struggle for manufacturers. The tools that enable safe and efficient collaboration–both internally and externally–between design teams and their partners, suppliers and internal design participants have been sorely lacking. As a result, engineers and designers have used a hodgepodge of tools (DropBox, FTP sites, email, etc.), most of which have their... Read More

Looking Under the Hood of SolidWorks 2015


A large group of editors, bloggers, users and analysts from across the country converged in Boston last week to hear all the details of the highly anticipated release of SolidWorks 2015. With SolidWorks 2015, the company focused on providing its users with a wider range of choices for improving everyday productivity, optimizing work processes, reducing operating costs, and solving an expanded set of design challenges. SolidWorks seems to have the most ardent users in the industry,... Read More

3D printed #cast for the social media age


FATHOM, an advanced technology driven company with an expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, released #CAST. Pronounced Hash Cast, it’s the new way to customize your broken arm cast with personal messages aggregated from your family and friends through social media. Using the latest in advanced manufacturing technologies and 3D CAD software, an arm can be 3D scanned at a doctor’s office and a one-of-a-kind cast made in a breathable nylon material using... Read More

MIT Spinoff Speeds Simulation of Large Structures

New simulation software developed by an MIT spinoff relies on precalculated supercomputer data for structural components — like simulated Legos — to significantly reduce simulation times.

In product development, simulation technology, such as finite element analysis (FEA), is commonly used to test how products will behave and perform under a range of real-world conditions (stress, heat, vibration, etc.) while those product still remain in digital form. The challenge of modeling and simulating large-scale structures, such as mining equipment, buildings, and oil rigs, is the sheer amount of data crunching, or computation, involved. Running these mammoth-size models... Read More

MSC Rolls Out New Releases of Marc 2014 and Adams 2014

The nonlinear beam implementation in Adams 2014 makes it easier for users to add nonlinear compliance and contact behaviors to the model, without affecting simulation speed.

The developers at MSC Software have been busy this summer. The Newport Beach, CA-based developer of multidiscipline simulation software has made two major product announcements this month, releasing new versions of Marc nonlinear FEA software and Adams multi-body dynamics simulation software. Let’s start with Marc 2014, which is used by product engineers for nonlinear and multiphysics simulations of engineering parts, ranging from automotive parts to rubber components to... Read More

Are Engineering Drawings Dead?

With all the advancements in 3D CAD, are engineering drawings going to eventually be obselete?

Mark Twain once famously said, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” If engineering drawings collectively had a voice, they might say the same thing. With product developers increasingly transitioning to 3D CAD systems, many have predicted that engineering drawings would go the way of landlines, printed maps and VCRs. Engineers–once better known as draftsmen–spent decades perfecting the precision needed to create 2D drawings that represented... Read More


Siemens PLM

Siemens NX Helps University Design Better Soccer Players

Researchers at Graz University of Technology in Austria are using Siemens NX software to design robots to be superior soccer players.

With all the excitement at full tilt with the 2014 FIFA World Cup underway in Brazil, the whole world seems to have gone soccer-crazy, with many people hitting local fields to practice their own ball-handling skills. At Graz University of Technology in Austria, that includes robots. The university is designing and building robots to be […]



The failed promise of parametric CAD, final chapter: A viable solution

Model reuse

What is the failed promise of parametric CAD? In short, model reuse. It’s a lot more difficult than it ought to be, for a variety of reasons. Several months back, I wrote a series of articles discussing those reasons, as well as some of the solutions that have come up over the years.  What was missing […]



Looking Under the Hood of SolidWorks 2015


A large group of editors, bloggers, users and analysts from across the country converged in Boston last week to hear all the details of the highly anticipated release of SolidWorks 2015. With SolidWorks 2015, the company focused on providing its users with a wider range of choices for improving everyday productivity, optimizing work processes, reducing […]



Dassault Updates 3DEXPERIENCE Portfolio with Release 2014x

Connect instantly to collaborate with other SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual users through chat, screen capture, and on-screen annotation.

One of the CAD giants, Dassault Systemes, announces the latest release of its 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s on-premise and on-the-cloud portfolio of solutions. Release 2014x of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, available to all customers on February 24, includes an on-premise portfolio of 41 industry solutions and their 183 processes, plus a dedicated cloud portfolio of 14 industry solutions, […]