Thursday April 24, 2014

PartMaker Releases 3D CAD for CAM Software

PartMaker Modeling 2014 is a 3D modeling tool developed specifically for the needs of CNC machinists.

Problems and errors often arise when 3D CAD models are moved into the manufacturing environment. For years the various software systems used in design and manufacturing spoke different languages so 3D CAD models often needed to be translated or dumbed down before being used as input by CAM software, which often resulted in errors on the shop floor. Bridging the CAD-to-CAM divide PartMaker,... Read More

Debating the Most Efficient Way to Go from Concept to Documentation

This concept design for Yamaha was created by a Alberto Agnari. It included concept boards, sketches and traditional and digital renderings.

The conceptual phase of design is the only one within the product development window that must be inherently fluid, and in a sense, should be done in a leisurely manner. What, you ask? The word “leisure” is probably not used often when it comes to designing products, right? OK, let me explain. In order to fully evaluate a suitable number of potential design concepts,... Read More

Autodesk Ships Integrated CAM Package For Inventor

Autodesk now has a commercially available, integrated CAM software for Inventor users.

There has been a real need in the manufacturing industry among users to have a tightly integrated CAM package that works hand in hand with users’ CAD systems. Users wanted CAM functionality but didn’t want to learn a whole new tool. Today, Autodesk announces that Inventor users now have such a package. Autodesk got to this point after a key acquisition in October 2012... Read More

Dassault Ships Mechanical Conceptual

Mechanical Conceptual will help key design participants collaborate on designs early and throughout  the design cycle.

Though it was announced back in January at SolidWorks World, Dassault Systemes today announces that Mechanical Conceptual is now available. The first SolidWorks application on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Mechanical Conceptual has already been hard at work in production environments at numerous customer sites. Touted to be more social and conceptual, the software is expected to greatly... Read More

The Role of Associativity in Direct Modeling

Design associativity is not exclusive to history-based 3D modeling approaches. Image courtesy of PTC.

When designers and engineers think about design associativity, they often think about history-based 3D modeling systems. CAD software that deploys a history-based approach to modeling requires engineers to anticipate and define feature constraints, relations and dependencies, which ensures that any design change will update all related downstream geometry. That’s design associativity.... Read More

Autodesk Releases 2015 Design Suites

Autodesk's 2015 Design Suite includes what's said to be the most advanced version of AutoCAD yet and can now be purchased monthly via a subscription plan.

This week Autodesk rolled out its new Autodesk 2015 Design Suites. What’s new? This release is said to be more tightly integrated with Autodesk cloud services, facilitating users’ ability to collaborate, simulate, analyze–all with just one click from within the suite. The company reports that the 2015 Design Suite includes the most advanced AutoCAD yet, which offers... Read More

SpaceClaim Adds Support for 3D Printing

The new STL Prep for 3D Printing Module for SpaceClaim 2014 helps repair printing problems and modify STL and CAD files.

It seems nearly hourly a story about 3D printing is hitting the newswires and showing up in blogs, on Twitter or in the mainstream media. The applications of 3D printing are widely varied, from 3D printed chocolates to cars to houses to perfectly fitted prosthetics. It seems that the possibilities for 3D printing are nearly limitless. My colleague and Design World Managing Editor,... Read More

Kubotek Ships KeyCreator 2014 v12.5 Direct CAD Software

KeyCreator is an easy to use 3D CAD software that enables users to work in 2D, wireframe, 3D, and surfacing--all within the same environment.

We’ve talked a lot on 3D CAD World about the various 3D modeling paradigms, history-based and direct modeling. Last week, we took a closer look at SpaceClaim’s direct modeling software, SpaceClaim Engineer 2014. Another 3D CAD software that’s known for its direct approach to modeling is Kubotek’s KeyCreator software. Now a new release of the software, v12.5,... Read More

Siemens Releases Parasolid v26.1

Parasolid is a 3D modeling kernel that enables the creation of 3D geometry and is used by a variety of CAD software. Image courtesy of Belmont Technology.

Quietly working behind the scenes of every CAD/CAM/CAE software is a 3D geometric modeling kernel, basically the brains behind the software that enable it to perform the complex modeling commands needed by its users. As such, end users typically don’t focus on buying CAD software based on what kernel the software uses, but on the features and functionality offered by the software. Two... Read More

Preparing Models for Simulation: Which 3D Modeling Paradigm is Best?


Simulation technology has its origins in the labs of universities and specialists groups within the aeronautics and automotive industries. Today, however, simulation software has moved from research labs into mainstream product design and engineers and designers are increasingly using simulation tools to guide their design choices. How simulation tools are used today As designs... Read More