Friday October 31, 2014

Autodesk Releases HSMWorks 2015 CAM Software for SolidWorks Users

Autodesk releases HSMWorks 2015 CAM software for SolidWorks users.

Autodesk today announced the release of HSMWorks 2015, a fully integrated CAM solution for users of SolidWorks software. Yes, that’s right. It’s for SolidWorks users. The company was bought two years ago by Autodesk with a promise to its dedicated flock of users that it would continue to both support and sell the product to users of its competitor, SolidWorks, and the... Read More

6 Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Product Design

The Leap Motion Controller senses how you naturally move your hands and lets you use your computer in a whole new way.

Over the last several decades there have been quantum leaps in terms of advancements in software. Today there’s literally an “app” for everything, and I mean that in the most literal sense. In the past few years, however, it’s been breakthroughs in hardware that have dominated the headlines with lots of media momentum around tech trends, such as 3D printing,... Read More

New Hydrogen-Powered Car Was Designed in the Cloud

Startup Riversimple has designed a hydrogen-powered vehicle in the cloud that gets more than 200 mpg with a range of 300 miles.

Although gas prices are at a four-year low, the reality is that eventually we will all be driving cars that are powered by something other than fossil fuel. Globally every year we currently consume the equivalent of over 11 billion tons of oil in fossil fuels. Crude oil reserves are vanishing at a rate of four billion tons per year. If this rate of consumption continues, oil deposits... Read More

Harley-Davidson Uses High-Tech Tools to Create First Electric Bike

Harley-Davidson's LiveWire electric motorcycle has a 74-hp motor and can go up to 92 mph with zero emissions.

When you think of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, often referred to as “hogs,” its iconic, rumbling sound is often the first thing that comes to mind. The company at one point famously sought to trademark its bikes’ distinctive sound. It sounds this way because of its unique two-cylinder, v-twin engine design. The engine has a single pin connecting the pistons, originally... Read More

CorelCAD 2015 Delivers on Promise of Affordable 2D/3D CAD

The newest version of CorelCAD 2015 offers parametric design capabilities for improved user productivity.

Though there is little question that CAD tools have become more powerful and feature-rich, they are still quite expensive. A typical mid-range CAD system will set you back about $5,000 per seat. To overcome any cost barriers to entry for smaller companies, startups and those that might just need CAD from “time to time,” many vendors have introduced monthly subscription... Read More

MSC Releases SimManager 2014 for CAE

Adams/Car integration into SimManager addresses a key challenge of automotive industry by providing a platform for cooperation and global team participation in full vehicle multibody dynamics simulations.

MSC Software Corp. announces that the release of SimManager, which delivers both simulation process and data management enhancements. This new release focuses on user interface improvements that make the software easier to use and provides direct integration with CAE application, such as MSC Software’s Adams, Patran and Marc, as well as ANSA from Beta CAE Systems. New features... Read More

TraceParts Announces Debut of New 3D Community, Redesigned Web Site

TraceParts launches a new community called 3DX to help connect CAD users with suppliers.

TraceParts Inc., a leading provider of 3D engineering content, announced yesterday that it has launched a new 3D community that will aim to connect CAD users and suppliers. The community, which will be called 3D Exchange (3DX), will also be a platform on which community members can display their work and solicit feedback. The company is already a reputable source for downloadable... Read More

Design Must “Get Smart” in the IoT World

Verizon's line of smart home products enable customers to lock and unlock doors and windows, watch home video cameras remotely, and manage thermostats and lighting.

Once upon a time, products consisted of mechanical components. Much thought and brainstorming went into the best ways to design these components to make them function better than competing products. Life for product designers and engineers became more complicated when products began including electrical parts, as mechanical design and electrical design are often done on disparate... Read More

Previewing COMSOL Multiphysics 5.0 and the Application Builder

This application was created using the Application Builder available in COMSOL Multiphysics and a model of a Li-ion battery pack. The user can test different operating conditions, battery geometries, and other parameters in order to find the desired thermal behavior.

Today, COMSOL gave its users a sneak peek at the pre-release of its flagship product, COMSOL Multiphysics 5.0, as well as an Application Builder product at its annual user event, COMSOL Conference 2014 in Boston, MA. COMSOL users can now design specialized applications to provide researchers, designers and manufacturers with access to multiphysics simulation. Version 5.0 features... Read More

Siemens Releases NX 10 Software

Scanning inspection paths can be automatically created with NX CMM by using the embedded PMI data.

The latest version of Siemens’ NX software has been released, touting among many things increased design flexibility and up to 3X higher productivity for users. New tools, such as the 2D concept development solution, make it easier and faster to create designs, while enhancements to NX Realize Shape software, a fully integrated sub-division modelling environment, provide designers... Read More