Saturday December 20, 2014

COMSOL Releases COMSOL Server

The dashboard and Application Library in the COMSOL Server web interface. From the app icon, you can launch an application, make it one of your favorites, and edit permissions. The dashboard also lets you view the apps that are already running as well as access other menu items such as the Monitor tool.

COMSOL announced yesterday the release of COMSOL Server, a new product designed specifically for running applications created with the company’s Application Builder. Released at the end of October, the Application Builder allows COMSOL Multiphysics software users to build an intuitive interface around their COMSOL model that can be run by anyone–even those without prior... Read More

Siemens Releases Parasolid v27.1

Parasolid is the 3D solid modeling component software used as the foundation of Siemens PLM’s NX and Solid Edge products.

Today Siemens PLM announces the release of v27.1 of its Parasolid 3D solid modeling kernel. Parasolid is the foundation of Siemens PLM’s NX and Solid Edge products and is also licensed to many independent software vendors (ISVs) who develop hundreds of Parasolid-based applications in the product design and analysis market space. Parasolid v27.1 delivers numerous enhancements to... Read More

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Engineers


We all know that engineers are a special breed of people, and as such, they need special gifts. Though many of you reading this post probably are engineers, share this list with your loved ones, who let’s face it, don’t get you and your left-brained nature. You love gifts that make you think, that challenge you and put your particular brand of smarts to use. So without... Read More

AU 2014: Embracing a World of Design Disruption

Autodesk has been working on computational design for the last seven years through research projects such as Project Dreamcatcher, a system that generates CAD geometry based on a list of functional requirements.

Autodesk University–as always–was a world wind of activity. Ten thousand design enthusiasts descending upon the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas cannot be characterized as anything but a bit chaotic, however, upon reflection–and a few nights of much-needed sleep–I can now look back and share some of the key takeaways from the event. I... Read More

Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2015

Wearables will see an explosion of innovation in 2015, but unit sales will underwhelm.

As the end of the year quickly approaches, we look ahead to 2015 to see what new technologies are poised to disrupt the status quo for all of us. Every year, IDC issues a report that predicts what technologies will be the most significant. In a webcast announcing the report, IDC’s senior vice president and chief analyst Frank Gens advised that all companies should “Amazon”... Read More

New Balance Uses 3D Printing to Create Customized Shoes for Runners

New Balance Sports Research Lab individually customized spike plates and additively manufactured them using a plastic laser-sintering system from EOS.  Side view of the spike plate attached to the bottom of a track spike.

No two runners are the same. This is especially true for athletes competing at the most elite levels. Their foot-strike patterns, degrees of pronation (the amount a runner’s foot rolls inward with each step), and braking and propulsion forces are all unique. However, the extent to which most running shoe models vary is rather limited in comparison. As a result, there are some... Read More

APEI Builds First Multiphysics Simulation App with the Application Builder

A tab in the APEI application  helps the user select the appropriate wire diameter, loop geometry, and number of wires to find the maximum current the bonds can carry without overheating.

Last month COMSOL announced the release of version 5.0 of its COMSOL Multiphysics software, which includes the Application Builder. The Application Builder, which allows COMSOL software users to build an intuitive interface to run any COMSOL model, has been very well received by the engineering community and users are already building applications and exploring the benefits of sharing... Read More

Siemens Rolls out Tecnomatix 12

Siemens Tecnomatix 12's robot programming simulation solution for dual arm and cooperative robots can automate more manual tasks, improve efficiency and quality.

Factories today hardly resemble the factories of yesteryear. Today’s factories are full of high-tech digital machinery and robotics that are highly automated. To make today’s digital factories run more efficiency, manufacturing software also needs to advanced. Siemens this week released the newest version of Tecnomatix software for digital manufacturing, which the company... Read More

ANSYS Releases SpaceClaim 2015

The new release of SpaceClaim improves product development and manufacturing workflows by enabling engineers to work faster with expansive editing and management of faceted models, improved toolpath functionality for the machinist and more complex geometry creation upgrades.

Today ANSYS announced the new release of SpaceClaim software that it claims will speed the time it takes users to manipulate geometries, prepare 3D printing files and reduce product development times. SpaceClaim 2015 is the first product to be introduced since SpaceClaim’s acquisition by ANSYS earlier in the year. According to the company, SpaceClaim 2015 will greatly improve... Read More

SPIROL announces the availability of 2D/3D drawings


SPIROL International Corporation is now pleased to offer 2D/3D drawings of their products! Drawings are available for both standard and common special items. In all, there are well over 100 different series of products in both metric and inch dimensions. In addition to being able to download each drawing in approximately 40 different file types, all standard products are provided... Read More