Siemens Offers NX Nastran FEA Software in the Cloud


Many engineering software providers are porting their software to the cloud as an option for users. Benefits of cloud deployments of engineering software include lower costs, faster deployment, lower maintenance costs and increased scalability.

Simulation software, in particular, benefits from being implemented through the cloud. Simulation software has been traditionally very expensive and requires significant hardware horsepower to run effectively, especially when simulating large models.

Cloud implementations offer users a way to cost-effectively run simulations to evaluate more design options in order to improve efficiency and product quality and speed time to market.

Siemens moves FEA to the cloud

Siemens has partnered with Rescale, a leading cloud simulation platform provider, to enable their customers to customize simulation compute capacity, based on their individual requirements, to perform virtual product simulations. Using Rescale’s on-demand, dynamically scalable cloud environment, NX Nastran users can run hundreds of simulations simultaneously, leveraging a pay-per-use operating expense model.

Siemens is hoping that this more cost-effective option will enable new customers to quickly gain the benefits of Nastran without the high initial costs of deployment, while existing customers can maintain their in-house analysis capability for ongoing activities and ramp up using the Rescale simulation platform on an hourly basis for peak demand.

Engineers can perform complex simulations, such as noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) analysis, via the cloud using NX Nastran.

Engineers can perform complex simulations, such as noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) analysis, via the cloud using NX Nastran.

Cloud platform makes DoE simulations more cost-effective

Rescale’s simulation platform seamlessly integrates simulation software with a customizable HPC infrastructure, helping engineers and scientists develop more innovative products by performing research and development much faster. Rescale offers users numerous workflow options including executing one job at a time, running multiple jobs in parallel, and performing designs of experiment (DoE) simulations that execute hundreds of individual runs for varying parameters across the design space.

Engineers run DoE simulations to better understand the effects of parameter variations on the robustness of their designs or to evaluate a broader design solution space. The new on-demand platform makes large DoE simulations significantly more affordable and practical due to a volume pricing model that provides higher discounts with an increasing number of runs.

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