Thursday July 24, 2014

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Why CAD Standards are Still Important

Cartoon courtesy of Roger Penwill.

Product developers often caught up in the latest wiz-bang technology on the horizon and often let the simplest and most fundamental things slip between the cracks. Are you busy pondering the infinite possibilities of cloud computing? Or perhaps you’re imaging what will be possible with 3D printing of prototypes? Or thinking over how your company or technology might play into the Internet of Things trend? Either way, while it’s fun to talk and think about these burgeoning... Read More

ANSYS Releases SCADE v15.2 for Systems Engineering

New functionality in the SCADE system from ANSYS will help systems and software engineering teams drive new levels of collaboration through innovative information exchange with each other and with third-party data repositories.

Efficiently designing complex systems and embedded software applications, which can include sensors, actuators and controllers that run complicated software applications, is a challenge for many companies due to a lack of efficient collaboration among engineering teams and databases. The newly released SCADE System 15.2 from ANSYS solves these challenges by providing new capabilities that offer a more efficient approach to guide complex systems engineering designs. Release 15.2... Read More

In-House Prototyping: 3D Printer or CNC Machine?

The Mojo desktop printer from Stratasys prints finely resolved models in nine colors.

Physical prototyping of parts has traditionally caused major bottlenecks in the product development cycle. Though somewhat of a necessary evil to build physical prototypes for testing, the process by which they are created causes significant delays in development and drives up over design costs. Traditionally when design teams need a part prototyped, they outsource it to third-party job shops. Since outside job shops typical have minimums in terms of order quantities, these prototypes... Read More

How Mass Customization is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Nike and Puma websites enable users to create customized shoes using a variety of exotic materials and bold patterns.

Henry Ford, once rather famously said, “The customer can have it painted any color he wants, as long as it’s black.” Back in 1909 that type of business model worked. Customers clamored for the low prices offered by economies of scale, rather than a more expensive product that fit their unique needs. Ford was able to meet this demand for affordable cars with a mass production business model that minimized variation, while maximizing efficiency. Today, however,... Read More

Growing Product Complexity Driving Demand for Simulation Software

FEA software, such as ANSYS, enable designers and engineers to assess the structural integrity of designs without having to build costly physical prototyping.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is an advanced computer simulation technology used in engineering analysis. FEA is primarily a product design and testing technology, which is used to predict structural failures that occur in materials due to unidentified flaws such as stress. Based on finite element method (FEM)) technique, FEA simulations are conducted on parts and assemblies to highlight problem areas containing theoretical stresses within a material. FEA software, such as ANSYS,... Read More

Tech Innovations Spurring Revival of U.S. Manufacturing

GE's Appliance Park in Louisville, KY, is being revamped, thanks to an $800 million investment in jobs, products, and manufacturing to build better, more efficient dishwashers.

A lot has been written in the press lately about the comeback of U.S. manufacturing. Several factors come into play here. Cost creep in China–due to rising inflation and wage expectations–means that as soon as 2015 the U.S. could be in cost parity with Chinese manufacturing. Fears regarding IP security have also forced manufacturers to rethink offshoring strategies that once promised competitive cost advantages. Both of these trends are fueling what’s being... Read More

TransMagic Facilitates 3D CAD Comparison with MagicCheck R2

MagicCheck software quickly opens all major 3D CAD formats, including point data, to compare against the source CAD model and analyze accuracy.

Dealing with the challenges of multi-CAD design environments has become a reality for nearly all product engineers and designers today. It’s nearly impossible to find a company that uses only one CAD system. Even those that do standardize on one system, chances are that they work with suppliers and partners who use a different system, making the ability to work with multi-CAD data vital to success in today’s product development environments. Juggling CAD data in multiple... Read More

7 Career Advancement Tips for Engineers

To be successful and advance in their jobs, engineers must play an active part in feeding their company's innovation pipeline.

There’s more to being a successful engineer than being good at math and science. Regardless of whether you graduated in May or 20 years ago, there are tips and strategies you can employ to increase your chances of career advancement, some of which might be surprising. So let’s take a look at some of these tips that all engineers can use to assure themselves that their careers remain on the right path. 1. Think like a businessman. This one might surprise many of you, but... Read More

Siemens Forms Partnership to Help Customers Automate Engineer-to-Order Processes

Siemens forms an alliance with TCS, an IT consultancy, to create a joint solution for Engineer-to-Order processes.

Manufacturers are under the gun increasingly today to develop more customized products for customers. Also referred to as “mass customization,” creating products with specific functionality for special niches of customers is at odds with traditional mass production methods that have been in place for years. In order to respond, companies must adapt and change both their internal design processes as well as the way in which they manufacture products. Siemens and Tata... Read More

Finding Better Ways to Manage “Big Data”

The RuBAN platform allows companies to translate raw network and sensor data into a format that can be analyzed and presented to their own GUI or fed to third-party app developers and data consumption tools such as ERP systems, CRM and predictive analytics tools.

Some of the big buzzwords in the industry today are big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Though sometimes the buzz that’s generated doesn’t always translate to real-world success, it’s hard to not believe that big data and IoT won’t in someway change the way change the way companies operate. The vast amounts of information being collected via embedded sensors about their products and how their products operate and are used once they leave production... Read More


Siemens PLM

Siemens NX Helps University Design Better Soccer Players

Researchers at Graz University of Technology in Austria are using Siemens NX software to design robots to be superior soccer players.

With all the excitement at full tilt with the 2014 FIFA World Cup underway in Brazil, the whole world seems to have gone soccer-crazy, with many people hitting local fields to practice their own ball-handling skills. At Graz University of Technology in Austria, that includes robots. The university is designing and building robots to be […]



The failed promise of parametric CAD, final chapter: A viable solution

Model reuse

What is the failed promise of parametric CAD? In short, model reuse. It’s a lot more difficult than it ought to be, for a variety of reasons. Several months back, I wrote a series of articles discussing those reasons, as well as some of the solutions that have come up over the years.  What was missing […]



GrabCAD Announces Integration with PTC Creo and Workbench Summer 2014 Release

GrabCAD Workbench is a cloud-based file management platform that makes it easier for users to manage and share CAD files.

It appears the folks at GrabCAD have been quite busy. The Cambridge-based startup is making two significant announcements today: the integration of its Workbench cloud-based file management platform with PTC Creo CAD software and the release of Workbench Summer 2014. Since PTC Live Global was just held this week in Boston, we’ll start with that […]



Dassault Updates 3DEXPERIENCE Portfolio with Release 2014x

Connect instantly to collaborate with other SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual users through chat, screen capture, and on-screen annotation.

One of the CAD giants, Dassault Systemes, announces the latest release of its 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s on-premise and on-the-cloud portfolio of solutions. Release 2014x of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, available to all customers on February 24, includes an on-premise portfolio of 41 industry solutions and their 183 processes, plus a dedicated cloud portfolio of 14 industry solutions, […]